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2019 Iowa Climate Statement on Heatwaves

The Iowa Climate Statement 2019 "Dangerous Heat Events to Become More Frequent and Severe" was released in September 2019. More information about it, a video of the press release, and the full text and references can be found at this link.

The first few sentences read: "Our atmosphere and Earth’s surface are warming at an unprecedented rate. Globally, the five warmest years on record were each of the last five years, and extreme weather disasters are increasing in frequency and severity (1). In the Midwest states, we have seen changes in the form of dramatic variability in rainfall, higher humidity, and warmer nights. The excessive moisture and cloud cover have so far thwarted substantial increases in daytime highs and heat waves that other regions have experienced (2). New projections indicate that this will change, with daytime high temperatures rising as moisture patterns adjust over time (3). The current greenhouse gas emissions growth rate is projected to raise the annual number of days above 90°F in Iowa from 23 to 67 by mid-century (3)."



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