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Past Projects for CBE:5405 Green Chemical and Energy Technologies

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  • Energy

    • Multi-impact LCA comparison of natural gas and coal-fired electricity

    • Energy and GHG Analysis of Waste to Energy (WTE) Power Plants

    • Solar and wind-generated electricity sources will be analyzed for pollution, cost, efficiency, and practicality.

    • The GREET Model of a Li-Ion Battery

    • The End of Life and Recyclability of PV Solar Panels

    • Energy Grids: Revamped - (Environmental Impact of “Smart Grid” vs. Traditional Grid)

    • Greenhouse Gas Emission, Toxin Production, and Land Degradation Comparison of Solar Photovoltaic to Solar Thermal Power Generation

    • Nuclear Energy LCA

    • Analysis and Virtual Tour of University of Iowa Power Plant

  • Transportation

    • Life Cycle Analysis of GM Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius

    • Envisioning a Biofuel Based Transportation Economy for Iowa

    • Is traveling by air greener than traveling by car?

    • Fuel Cell vs. Electric Automobiles and Factors Impacting Market Size

    • LCA Comparison Between Detachable Power Battery and Ultra-High Voltage Charging

    • Reduction of Iowa City’s CO2 Emissions Through Electric Vehicle

    • Environmental Impact of Autonomous Driving

    • Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Malibu: A Life Cycle Analysis

    • Charging Infrastructure Options for BEV

  • Waste and Recycling

    • Comparing Waste Disposal Options at Iowa City P&G Oral Care

    • Life Cycle Analysis of Lead-Acid Batteries with a Focus on Recycling

    • Environmental comparison of disposal methods for standard PE and biodegradable plastic bags

    • Evaluation of Iowa City Waste Management Efficiency

    • Environmental Impact Comparison of plastic, recycled plastic, glass, and aluminum

  • Fuels and Chemicals

    • Comparison of Crop-Based Biofuels, Using On-Site Plant Visit(s)

    • Bio-ammonia and regular ammonia

    • Ethanol vs. Butanol as a Preferred Alternative Fuel Source

    • Comparison of recycled and virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

    • Formalin Production Life Cycle Assessment

    • Environmental Impacts of Styrene Production

    • Comparison of Ethanol Production for Fuel Use in Brazil (sugar cane) and United States (corn)

  • Food and Consumer Products

    • Comparison of Printed and Electronic Documents

    • Analysis of Greenhouse and Open Land Roma Tomato Production

    • Carbon footprint comparison - buying presents at the mall vs online and shipping

    • GHG inventory comparison for a microbrewery versus a national brewery

    • Key factors in the environmental friendliness of alcoholic beverages

    • Environmental Impact Comparison of Dairy, Soy, and/or Almond Milks

    • Environmental impact comparison of the vegan diet compared to standard American diet


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