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Model intercomparison (7 models) for Korean AQ during KORUS-AQ

Our model intercomparison effort, led by Rokjin Park at Seoul National University, is out in Elementa. LINK. Thank you to the KORUS-AQ team for doing this work. Which model has the lowest bias and RMSE for PM2.5 ? Take a wild (Hawkeye) guess.

Model ensemble and observed mean

Figure 3 from the publication: Model ensemble and observed mean CO, O3, NO2, SO2, PM2.5, and PM10 surface concentrations during the KORUS-AQ campaign (May 1–June 10). Simulated ensemble fields of the lowest model layer are shown in the background with observations overlaid in circles, which correspond to 320 AirKorea surface monitoring stations. The normalized mean bias (NMB) and Pearson correlation coefficient (R) are calculated using observations gridded to 0.5° horizontal resolution and the ensemble model. DOI:

Initial model development and runs for the Iowa model by Meng Gao, Pablo Saide, and Greg Carmichael. Post-campaign analysis phase at Iowa added Charles Stanier and Beiming Tang.



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