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Answers to student questions, and other announcements from the instructors will go here.   Refresh this page every 10 min or so.

10/2 Time Update - latest Update it is 7:03 pm

General Info:

The copyright notices are normal.  there is not material hiding behind it.  

There are no missing pictures.  The copyright notices are NOT covering pictures.  

1000 liters in a cubic meter.

Problem 1.

We will not answer questions about atmospheric pressure - you have all the needed information

Problem 2 


"Is the lowercase, italic "p" in question 2(a) referring to pressure?" yes

Question 3

"what is R for Oxygen" - think about  information you are given about oxygen and what form of the equation applies

Question 4 -

kW-hr and kWh refer to the same unit of energy.  

"not given an equation referring to time" - think about the relationship between quantities given

New - 10/2

If you have finished you may leave lockdown and Zoom to submit to the Dropbox


Submit Exam Questions Here.  The answers will be posted on this webpage, so remember to refresh from time-to-time

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